American Made Chainsaws

American made tools have always be known for quality and innovation. When you buy American made chainsaws, not only are you buying quality and dependable tools, you are also supporting American jobs. Looking for an American made chainsaw? The following list consists of chainsaw models that are built in U.S. factories. Husqvarna 235 235e 240 […]

Why Choosing the Right Chainsaw Dealer Matters

For many people, buying a chainsaw requires nothing more than heading out to their local home improvement or hardware store and picking up the cheapest model available. However, this is actually a bad idea. There are several benefits to be found by working with a good chainsaw dealer, rather than just going it alone. What […]

Electric vs Gas Powered Chainsaws

Any chainsaw user will tell you that there are few equipment out there that offer the power-to-weight ratio and productivity of a traditional gas chainsaw. If you’re looking at the full range of cutting performance- power, chain speed and use of ease, then gas powered saws are hard to compete with. But not everyone needs […]

How to Choose the Right Chainsaw for Your Needs

Finding the right chainsaw for you might seem like a simple task, but it can actually be much more complex than you might expect. There are many factors that go into whether one particular brand or model is a good fit for your needs, and you need to know how to tell which is best. […]