How to Choose the Right Chainsaw for Your Needs

Finding the right chainsaw for you might seem like a simple task, but it can actually be much more complex than you might expect. There are many factors that go into whether one particular brand or model is a good fit for your needs, and you need to know how to tell which is best. Not all chainsaws are created equal, and a bit of knowledge can be of tremendous value to you.

While you will find that saw dealers in your area offer quite a few different options, you first need to consider the size and capabilities of the chainsaw. If you will only be using it for “around the house” needs, then you can likely get by with a standard type saw, or even an electric model. These are for light duty, such as trimming branches and cutting down smaller trees. However, light-duty saws are not right for everyone.

If you anticipate needing to use your saw for something a bit more heavy-duty, then you definitely need a gas-powered model. These have more oomph than electric models, and are designed for larger diameter trees, large limbs and overall heavier work.

Of course, if you need to reach higher limbs for trimming, or have storm damage high up in a tree that needs to be cleared, then you need to consider another type of chainsaw — a pole saw. These are mounted on long poles that extend the reach of the saw so that you can reach those high branches overhead. Husqvarna has a great chainsaw selector tool based on your application needs.

However, you also need to consider the brands available, as well. Not all chainsaw manufacturers are cut from the same cloth. There are some that are worth your time, and some that should be avoided. You’ll find that Husqvarna is one of the top brands in the world, and offers a range of different saw types, though Jonsered, Poulan Pro, as well as McCulloch are excellent options, as well.

To choose the right saw for your needs, you’ll need to use the right chainsaw dealer. The best dealership will help you determine what models fit your needs and budget, as well as providing information about care and maintenance. The key is to locate excellent dealers with good reputations for customer service and providing top-quality products. Working with such a professional will ensure that you find the right tool for you, quickly and easily.