Chainsaw Safety & Training Video: Personal Protective Equipment

Working with a chainsaw can be extremely dangerous. Using the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), like chaps, helmets and hearing protection, is essential for your safety. Protective clothing should fit well and be free of ragged edges which can become tangled in the chainsaw. A hard hat protects your head from falling limbs or branches. Chainsaw chaps is a must-have to provide for your legs. A pair of safety glasses that can prevent injury from flying wood chips, twigs, and saw dust. You should protect your ears from the high level of noise produced by the saw by wearing hearing protection. Better yet, get a safety helmet system with a mask shield to protect your head, eyes and hears. Lightweight gloves will protect your hands from cuts splinters, and abrasion.

Watch the video below to learn from a Husqvarna trainer about PPE options available.