Chainsaw Safety & Training Video: How to Cut Down a Tree

Cutting down or felling a tree using a chainsaw is a dangerous activity. Larger trees should be left to the professional tree care experts. Whether the tree is large or small, you should always keep safety in mind. Always wear proper safety gear, like hard hat helmet, eye and ear protection, and chaps. It’a also […]

Chainsaw Safety & Training Video: Maintenance Tips

Routine maintenance and service will keep your chainsaw running at optimal condition while minimizing the hazards of working with saws. Always follow your chainsaw’s owners’ manual for proper guidelines. Watch the video below to learn proper chainsaw maintenance techniques and tips from a qualified Husqvarna trainer.

Chainsaw Safety & Training Video: Personal Protective Equipment

Working with a chainsaw can be extremely dangerous. Using the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), like chaps, helmets and hearing protection, is essential for your safety. Protective clothing should fit well and be free of ragged edges which can become tangled in the chainsaw. A hard hat protects your head from falling limbs or branches. […]